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Are you fooled by the dream of going to the lake or cabin only to get there and be overwhelmed by the underlying chores of keeping a cabin in good running condition?
Now there’s a solution – a tool created for the recreational property owner to track and document the unique information you need to make your dream a reality.

Cabin Notes A Log Book ISBN 978-0-9780154-0-4, 3 Ring Binder (36cm W x 31cm H x10.5D), 98 pages divided into 8 categories, and 25 vinyl full sized storage pockets, $110.00

Cabin Notes A Log Book, is a guide to organize yourself, it provides a template which aids in developing a personal information manual for your special property, while still reminding you why you are there in the first place – the shared adventures and joy of family and friends. The log book is designed as a personalized, fun and user - friendly place for you to store your documents, pictures, maps, sketches, manuals and all the details you need to take the frustration out of life in your special place.

There are icons to help you find information at a glance and light-hearted drawings dot every page to aid you in keeping the task of organizing from becoming a chore. The last two sections take you from the paper - work side of life to a place for recording the every - day, the out - of - the - ordinary, the adventures, the tall stories, and anecdotes that pull families together. Additional pages of both the Memories and Guest sections are downloadable for free at www.completehousekit.com

Some people make filling out their log book pages a rainy day family activity. Rainy day or not share the fun - everybody has a part to play. Grab the manual off the counter for dad’s new chain saw and the paint swatch for The Blue Room, and gather the clan around the table. Spread out the coloured pens and pencils, pop some corn, share and write stories and make some family history.


If you’d like more information about Cabin Notes A Log Book please don’t hesitate to contact me at 604-469-9577 or 1-877-777-6566 laura@completehousekit.com

Hope to hear from you.


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