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“Congratulations, Laura.
You have designed an ingenious record system and a valuable tool for anyone who owns a cabin. Not only does its range of entries alert an owner to the many aspects that need to be considered, Cabin Notes helps keep important documents, information and memories in one place.

I wish I had owned it years ago as I have found that searching through past calendars and cheque books for dates of repairs and improvements to be a very time consuming and too often futile endeavour.
Congratulations again.”

Wendy Sutton, a grateful cabin owner.

“As a cabin owner for 38 years I finally feel security in knowing that at last I have a powerful tool to keep track of the mundane data that is essential for me to maintain my investment. So many times I have felt that the cabin was controlling me. Now, with the key data available at any time, I can enjoy my cabin for the recreational property that I bought it for.”

Glenn Granger

“I love this book! So far it’s helped me figure out what type of paint I used in my kitchen and trim, locate an invoice for a warranty repair on my washing machine, and told me where we hid the water turn-off tool...now if I could only remember where the water valve is, I could put it in my log book and be all set!”

Carmen Zawadiuk

Dear Laura,
“I wanted to say thank you for producing this beautiful Manual. I am so impressed by this treasure you have published. It is practically handmade, with your own artwork, and published in Canada, as well! Now I actually feel like gathering together all my records and memorabilia that I keep misplacing, and cataloguing them all into this charming folder.

It seems to me that this book would be perfect for Real Estate salespeople, who often like to give their clients something after they have made a sale. And, come to think of it, this Manual, with all the records, land-titles, etc. in one place, could be a real bonus to have, in order to sell a cabin.” Sincerely,

Katannya Woodruff.

“This book is a useful tool now but in the future, 20 or so years it will tell the stories of the community, that’s where the real value will be. People have to be encouraged to put the real stuff in their book especially their trials and tribulations.”

Ted Appleton

“As a Capricorn, I’m a person who likes to be organized and as a small business owner I have found that this book provides the tools for me organize my cabin-home like a well run business. By the way, Laura, I have added Maps of local Interest to the Guest Pages section, so I will always have them at my fingertips.”

Michelle Montico